Tuesday, March 18, 2014

La Plage/The Beach

Abaka Bay
I live in South Florida, which translates to sunshine, beautiful people, partying and BEACHES!!!! Year round, save for a few days of "winter" residents of Florida flock to the beaches in droves. This weather also draws in many caribbean native immigrants. From the Haitian point of view, Florida just makes sense! You lived on an island, a piece of land surrounded by water (in case you didn't know what an island was lol), full of beaches, sunny and tropical weather year round so where else in the U.S. should you move to? Florida is one of the few states in this fair country that resembles Caribbean weather, so one could assume the transition would be a little easier for those coming from Haiti.

But lets talk about the beaches for a moment. In Florida there are many beautiful beaches that people travel across the country...better yet the world to come see. South Beach, Daytona Beach, and Palm Beach are just a few of Florida's well known beaches. Little did you know Haiti is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches worldwide.

Recently, CNN published the results of an online survey to determine the World's 100 Best BeachesAbaka Bay, located in Ile-a-Vache, Haiti was listed on the survey as the 57th most beautiful beach in the world. Although, I believe a recount is an order, it is an honor for the country nonetheless. A few other note worthy beaches are Cormier Beach, Chouchou Bay Beach, Ile-a-Rat, and of course the ever popular, Labadie. A travel destination for Royal Caribbean International since the early '80s, Labadee has drawn thousands of tourists to its beautiful beaches and lofty resorts. Most of these beaches offer a wide range of activities such as scuba diving and parasailing. And lets not forget the beach side lodgings and tiki bars.
People from all over the world can agree that there's nothing like a nice relaxing day at the beach. Some travel hundreds of miles to get to the nearest beach, others like myself jump on the highway and 15 minutes later are gazing at white sand and clear blue waters. Either way the next time you are thinking of a relaxing Caribbean escape think of Haiti, I know I will. Until then...

Na we pita/A plus tard

St. Michel Beach
This black sand beach is inarguably among the prettiest in the country. The water is nice and safe, and the area is perfect for camping and family picnic. One of the highlight St Michel Beach is the privately owned beach called ‘’ M&M Beach”. Beautifully gated with nice red stone and conch shell walls, with perfect panoramic views of the ocean,  beautiful green mountains and the near by Island of Amiga.

This peninsular is about 300 acres and surrounded by exotic tropical plants and flowers. Labadie offers beach lovers at least five different beaches, spectacular rocks formation, different color of sands and textures, and a strong historical background.

This island was named by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage to the New World. No larger than maybe a city block,however, it is surrounded by  beautiful beaches. This dream inducing island is the perfect place to admire the beautiful reefs, coral formations and sea life barely a few yards away.

This famous gilded white sand beach is surrounded by an array of lushious mountains. 
It is located in the historic town of Port Margot less than 15 miles from the city of Cap Haitian. 

Pictures and information taken from Destination North Haiti.

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